EXHEAT HRF Immersion Heater

EXHEAT Immersion Heaters

EXHEAT Immersion Heaters

Immersion Heater

EXHEAT HRF immersion heaters are suitable for heating all process fluids which are non-corrosive to the materials of construction. The HRF immersion heater is constructed from individually replaceable sheathed rod Incoloy 825 elements with a carbon/stainless steel mounting flange and a folded steel enclosure which is weatherproof and certified to IP66.

HRF immersion heaters are ideal for use within bulk storage vessels, flow heaters and hot water calorifiers and is suitable for working pressures up to 10 bar g and temperatures up to 180ºC. The standard range has a power output from 15 to 120kW and an internal control thermostat and overtemperature thermostat control the temperature.

The EXHEAT HRF immersion heater is designed for horizontal installation only, a vertical mounting version is available on request. Finished in textured grey paint to RAL 9007.

The HRF immersion heater should be securely fixed in position and all terminal connections checked for tightness before energising.

Features of EXHEAT HRF Immersion Heaters

  • Weatherproof terminal enclosure to IP66
  • Immersion heaters individually replaceable Incoloy 825 elements
  • Power Raing – standard range from 15 to 120kW
  • Internal control thermostat(s) and over temperature thermostat
  • Carbon / stainless steel mounting flange
  • Colour – finished in textured grey paint to RAL 9007
  • Mounting – designed for horizontal installation only, vertical mounting version available on request
EXHEAT HRF Immersion Heater

EXHEAT HRF Immersion Heater

EXHEAT HRF Immersion Heater – Applications

Applications for these electric heaters include:


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  • Boiler equipment
  • Bulk liquid storage tanks
  • Calorifier packages
  • Cleaning and rinsing equipment
  • Heat transfer system
  • Hot water storage tanks

EXHEAT HRF Industrial Immersion Heater Specifications

EnclosureFolded steel, weatherproof to IP66, finished in textured grey paint to RAL 9007
FlangeCarbon steel / 316L stainless steel as standard (other alternatives available on request)
Heating ElementsIncoloy 825, sheathed, rod type (other options available on request)
Working PressureUp to 10 bar g
Working TemperatureUp to 180ºC
VoltageStandard 415V / 3Ph / 3 or 4 wire (other voltages on application)

EXHEAT HRF Immersion Heater Product Range

EXHEAT ModelLoading kWImmersed Length (mm)Nominal Bore (mm)
HRF 6/1515kW660mm150mm
HRF 6/1818kW870mm150mm
HRF 6/2424kW980mm150mm
HRF 6/3030kW1400mm150mm
HRF 9/4545kW1400mm200mm
HRF 12/6060kW1400mm200mm
HRF 15/7575kW1400mm250mm
HRF 18/9090kW1400mm250mm
HRF 21/105105kW1400mm250mm
HRF 24/120120kW1400mm250mm


EXHEAT HFY Flanged Industrial Immersion Heater - Dimensions

EXHEAT HFY Flanged Industrial Immersion Heater – Dimensions

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