EXHEAT HFY Flanged Industrial Immersion Heater

EXHEAT Immersion Heaters

EXHEAT Immersion Heaters

Immersion Heater

EXHEAT HFY flanged industrial immersion heater offers a cost effective heating solution for commercial and industrial hot water cylinders, process tank heating and other applications which are non-corrosive to the materials of construction.

The EXHEAT HFY can be supplied with an adjustable thermostat suitable for certain applications.

Typical applications for the EXHEAT HFY flanged industrial immersion heater include hot water storage tanks, heat transfer systems and boiler equipment. Individually replaceable Incoloy 825 elements

The immersion heater is suitable for working pressures of up to 6 barg / 87 psig and has a weatherproof terminal enclosure to IP54

The EXHEAT HFY immersion heater can be easily be installed horizontally unless stated that the heater should be used in vertically orientation.

The HFY immersion heater should be securely fixed in position and all terminal connections checked for tightness before energising.

Features of EXHEAT HFY Immersion Heaters

  • Immersion Heaters have individually replaceable Incoloy 825 elements
  • Weatherproof terminal enclosure to IP54
  • ‘Run Dry’ over temperature protection
  • Brass or 316L stainless steel mounting flange
  • Heavy duty stud terminals suitable for client cables
  • Mounting – designed for horizontal installation only
EXHEAT HFY Flanged Industrial Immersion Heater

EXHEAT HFY Flanged Industrial Immersion Heater

EXHEAT HFY Immersion Heater – Applications

Applications for these electric heaters include:


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  • • Boiler equipment
    • Calorifier packages
    • Cleaning and rinsing equipment
    • Heat transfer system
    • Hot water storage tanks

EXHEAT HFY Flanged Industrial Immersion Heater Specifications

EnclosureHeavy gauge, corrosion protected, mild steel having a hinged access door and two undrilled removable gland plates for cable entry (finished in grey stove enamel)
FlangeBrass or 316L stainless steel having 8 bolt holes, 10mm diameter on 146mm PCD
Heating ElementsNickel chrome resistance wire compacted in high purity magnesium oxide insulating powder and sheathed in corrosion resistant Incoloy; each element is secured to the flange by screwed compression fixings, making them individually replaceable
PressureThe maximum allowable working pressure is 6 barg / 87 psig
Thermostat PocketsTwo stainless steel pockets are secured into the flange by screwed compression fittings, one of which is thermally linked to the uppermost element
VoltageStandard units are nominally designed for 415V, and are suitable for operation on 380 to 440V electrical supplies; other voltages and alternative wiring configurations available on request
ControlsA capillary type control thermostat and a manual reset cut-out thermostat are fitted as standard

EXHEAT HFY Flanged Industrial Immersion Heater Product Range

ModelLoad kW 380 V 3PHLoading kW 415 V 3PHLoading kW 440 V 3PHImmersed Length (mm)
HFY 121610.11213.5405
HFY 122310.11213.5584
HFY 181615.11820.2405
HFY 182315.11820.2584
HFY 241620.12427.0405
HFY 242320.12427.0584
HFY 302730.23640.5685
HFY 452737.74550.6685
HFY 543645.35460.7915

EXHEAT HFY Flanged Industrial Immersion Heater - Dimensions

EXHEAT HFY Flanged Industrial Immersion Heater – Dimensions

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