Katronic KATflow 230 Ultrasonic Clamp-On Flowmeter (Portable)

Katronic KATflow 230 Ultrasonic Clamp-On Flowmeter (Portable)

Katronic KATflow 230 Ultrasonic Clamp-On Flowmeter (Portable)

Non-Hazardous & Hazardous Area Flowmeters

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Katronic’s KATflow 230 is a portable flowmeter which utilises ultrasonic technology to measure the flow rate of liquids within pipes without entering the pipe. The KATflow 230 is an advanced specification portable flowmeter capable of two measurement channels so that either two pipes can be monitored simultaneously or it can used to improve accuracy in non-ideal conditions.

KATflow 230 flowmeters are suitable for pipe diameters ranging from 10mm up to 6,500mm and have a robust IP65 aluminium enclosure and has a selectable three-line LCD display and full keypad.

Stainless steel sensors, cables and connectors are supplied as standard for temperature ranges from -30ºC to +250ºC and a large data logger and software are also supplied for sampling and data transfer.

Katronic KATflow 230 Ultrasonic Clamp-On Flowmeter (Portable)

Katronic KATflow 230 Ultrasonic Clamp-On Flowmeter (Portable)

Katronic KATflow 230 Ultrasonic Clamp-On Flowmeter (Portable) – Features

  • Pipe diameter range 10mm to 6,500mm
  • Temperature range for sensors – -30ºC to +250ºC (-22ºF to +482ºF)
  • Robust IP65 aluminium enclosure
  • Selectable three-line LCD display and full keypad
  • Battery life up to 24 hours with easily replaceable battery cartridge
  • Measurement of two flows simultaneously
  • Dual flow monitoring with sum, average, difference and maximum calculations
  • PT100 inputs for heat quantity (thermal energy) measurement
  • Process output options including current, open-collector, relay
  • Large data logger and software for sampling and data transfer
  • Stainless steel sensors, cable and connectors as standard
  • Optional – Pipe wall thickness gauge
  • Optional – Crush-proof IP67 transport case or lightweight soft case
  • Optional – Special waterproof solution available for harsh environmental conditions
  • Optional – KATdata+ software for data evaluation
  • Optional – Expansion box for additional input or output configuration and special solutions
Katronic KATflow 230 Ultrasonic Clamp-On Flowmeter (Portable) - In Operation

Katronic KATflow 230 Ultrasonic Clamp-On Flowmeter (Portable) – In Operation

The KATflow 230 is an ideal flowmeter solution for applications including heating, ventilation and air conditioned (HVAC) measurements, large pipe measurement with two sensor pairs in ‘X’ configuration, temporary replacement of conventional in-line flowmeters, building surveys on large facilities, efficiency monitoring of heat exchangers and more.

Katronic KATflow 230 Ultrasonic Clamp-On Flowmeter (Portable) – Technical Specification

Flowmeter Performance
Flowmeter Measuring Principle Ultrasonic transit time difference
Flow Velocity Range 0.01 to 25m/s
Resolution 0.25mm/s
Repeatability 0.15% of measured value, ±0.015m/s
Accuracy Volume Flow: ±1 to 3% of measured value depending on application
±0.5% of measured value with process calibration
Flow Velocity (Mean): ±0.5% of measured value
Turn Down Ratio 1/100 (Equivalent to 0.25 to 25m/s)
Measurement Rate 100 Hz (Standard)
Response Time 1s
Damping of Display Value 0 to 99s (Selectable by user)
Gaseous and Solid Content of Liquid Media <10% of volume
Enclosure Type Portable
Degree of Protection IP65 according to EN 60529
Operating Temperature -10 to +60ºC (+14 to +140ºF)
Housing Material Extruded aluminium, Al MG Si 0.5, lids die-cast zinc alloy GD-Zn AL 4 CU 1
Measurement Channels 1 or 2
Calculation Functions Average, difference, sum, maximum (dual-channel use only)
Power Supply Internal rechargeable batteries: 8 x NiMH AA 2850 mAh
Power adapter: 100 to 240V AC input, 9V DC output
External battery pack: 12V 105Ah, 25kg (optional)
Operating Time Up to 24 hour with fully charged internal batteries
Display LCD graphic display, 128 x 64 dots, backlit
Dimensions 266mm (H) x 168mm (W) x 37mm (D)
Weight Approx 2kg
Power Consumption <5W
Operating Languages English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Czech, Turkish, Romanian (Others on request)
Type RS 232, USB cable (optional)
Transmitted Data Measured and totalised value, parameter set and configuration, logged data
Internal Data Logger
Storage Capacity Approx 30,000 measurements (each comprising up to 10 selectable measurement units), logger size 5MB
Approx 1000,000 measurements (each comprising up to 10 selectable measurement units), logger size 16MB
Logged Data All measured and totalised values, parameter sets
KATdata+ Software
Functionality Download of measured values/parameter sets, graphical presentation, list format, export to third party software, online transfer of measured data
Operating Systems Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, NT, 2000
Quantity and Units of Measurement
Volumetric Flow Rate m³/h, m³/min, m³/s, l/h, l/min, l/s
USgal/h (US gallons per hour), USgal/min, USgal/s
bbl/d (Barrels per day), bbl/h, bbl/min
Flow Velocity m/s, ft/s, inch/s
Mass Flow Rate g/s, t/h, kg/h, kg/min
Volume m³, l, gal (US gallons), bbl
Mass g, kg, t
Heat Flow W, kW, MW (with heat quantity measurement option)
Heat Quantity J, kJ, kW/h (with heat quantity measurement option)
Temperature ºC (with heat quantity measurement option)
Process Inputs (Galvanically Isolated) 
Current 0/4 to 20mA active (R load < 500Ω), 16 bit resolution, U = 30V, accuracy: 0.1%
Digital Open-Collector Value: 0.01 to 1000/unit, width: 1 to 990ms, U = 24V, l max = 4mA
Digital Relay Form A SPST (NO), U = 48V, l max = 250mA

Visit Katronic KATflow 170 for hazardous area flowmeters with ATEX Certification for metering the flow in Zone 1 and Zone 2 explosive atmospheres.

Katronic KATflow 230 Ultrasonic clamp-on Flowmeter

See the features of Katronic KATflow 230 flowmeter in this video including lightweight ergonomic design, IP 65 enclosure, durable sensor connections and stainless steel sensor heads.

Katronic KATFlow 230 Ultrasonic Flow Meter Applications
Building Services Single or dual-channel heat quantity measurement

Efficiency monitoring of heat exchangers

Pump testing and inspection

Water and Wastewater Drinking water and effluent measurements

Dual-channel measurements on large pipes for increased accuracy

Screened sludge monitoring

Manufacturing and Process Measurement of hydraulic oil

Fuel consumption measurements

Measurement of paint flows

Power Generation Measurement of cooling circuits

Verification of main water inlets

CHP monitoring (Combined Heat and Power)

Marine and Shipbuilding Heavy fuel oil measurements

Balancing of hot water systems

Monitoring of sea water inlets

General Industry CIP system testing

In-line flowmeter performance verification

Temporary replacement of conventional in-line flowmeters

Flow Meters : Ultrasonic & Clamp-on Portable Meters

Flow Meters: Ultrasonic & Clamp-on Portable Meters

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