IBC Heaters For Rubber & Plastics Engineering Process

Published 08 Feb 2021

IBC Heaters & Drum Heaters Jackets

Heating Rubber & Plastics

IBC Heaters

Thorne & Derrick International are the UK’s largest stockist and supplier of IBC Heaters providing excellent technical support and overnight delivery from stock for standard 1000 litre container heaters – the high quality UK manufactured electric heaters provide optimal thermal efficiency and highest levels of function safety. We can produce custom heating jackets designed to fit most shapes to deliver completely uniform surface heating over large areas without heat loss, hot spots or colds spots.

What Are IBC’s?

Intermediate Bulk Containers or IBCs are multi-use, reusable industrial-grade containers designed for the transport, handling and storage of liquids, pastes, semi-solids or solids.

These can include chemicals, food ingredients, sugars, solvents, oils, waxes, cosmetics, detergents and crop science products as well as hazardous class goods such as general and speciality chemicals, resins, paint and inks.

The contents of IBCs, particularly those which may become viscous at room temperature, often needs to be heated or kept at a certain temperature in order to prevent spoiling.

IBC Heaters For Rubber & Plastic Manufacturing

IBC Heaters For Rubber & Plastic Manufacturing

IBC Heaters for Heating Plastics & Rubber

In industrial processes, controlled temperatures are crucial to obtaining the desired end result. Plastic injection moulding is an excellent example of the importance of temperature control. One of today’s most common methods of manufacturing, plastic injection moulding is used to make millions of parts and products each year, from wristwatch gears to plastic bins and IBCs.

Precise temperature control is essential throughout the entire rubber and plastic engineering process. When manufacturing injection-moulded parts from rubber or plastics, the mould temperature has a decisive influence on the quality of the parts produced and the cycle time. Optimum temperature control during the processing stage also has a direct influence on the efficiency of the production.

Rubber & Plastics Engineering HEATING APPLICATION

  • Specified Product Solution: Heating Jacket
  • Heating Jacket Type: IBC Heating Jacket
  • Area Classification: Suitable for Industrial Areas (ATEX Heaters & Insulating Jackets for Hazardous Areas also available)
  • Heating Fluid, Medium or Contents: Rubber & Plastics
  • IBC Heater Application: Precise temperature control during rubber and plastic engineering process.
Electrical Heating

T&D – Largest UK Stockist of Heat Trace Cables – UK & International Delivery.

Contact Thorne & Derrick for specification, support and sales of Electrical Heating Equipment for safe, industrial and hazardous area plant and equipment – we provide process temperature heating and frost protection (Winterisation) products for pipework, valves, IBCs, drums and tanks, including hazardous area water heaters.

Thorne & Derrick 35 Years

Electrical Heating Specialists

Thorne & Derrick International, based in the UK, can specify and supply from stock an extensive range of Electrical Heating Equipment for industrial and process heating applications – this includes temperature maintenance and frost protection (Winterisation) products for pipework, valves, IBC’s, drums, hoses, tanks and vessels. We produce custom silicone heaters for rapid and high temperature heat-up of complex shapes and surfaces – from concept, design to the delivery of standard or bespoke heaters on the shortest lead times. From the largest UK heat tracing cable stocks we deliver Electric Trace Heating Systems for pipework frost protection, ramp heating, roof/gutter snow melting and de-icing – enquire about our in-house design service.

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